The Catholic Dutch Migrant Association Committee (CDMA):
Chaplain: Fr. Ron Peters,
President: Joke Dekker
Vice President: Gerry de Langen
Secretary: Alex Ziegelaar
Treasurer: Geraldine van Duin
Liaison: Frank Benten
Members: Jeanny Budrikis, Johanna Naylor, Jeanette de Langen

Our News letter "het Kompas" is published monthly, except for January. The subscription fee is $10 per annum, July to June and is payable to the treasurer, 48 Carroll Road Corrimal NSW 2518.

Our Eucharistic Celebrations, mainly in the Dutch language are held in St. Brigid's Catholic Church, Gwynneville at 1 pm. Hymns are sung in Dutch. From time to time the proper of the Mass is sung in Gregorian Chant. Each Celebration is followed by a Get-together with light refreshments.These celebrations are held approximately on a six weekly basis. All are welcome.

The CDMA found its origin in the early fifties to support the Dutch Chaplains in their work among the Dutch migrants. Much of that work was family support, baptisms and marriages.
Nowadays it frequenty means visiting the elderly, the sick and bereavements.
For further information contact the secretary on

Ph 02 4283 4969

Dutch Eucharistic Celebrations at St. Brigid's Catholic Church, Gwynneville in 2017 at 1 pm:
Sunday 2 February
Sunday 9 April
Sunday 21 May
Sunday 25 June
Sunday 28 August
Sunday 1 October
Sunday 10 December, Combined Christmas Celebration at DASI 
Sunday 17 December